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What is your return policy?

We believe in our products. So much so we will give a full refund for products purchased on our website within 3 days. For more information visit our warranty/return page.

Are my Cargado products covered by warranty?

Yes. 12 month warranty. Details here.

What happens if a transaction fails?

Call the number or contact us at SUPPORT@CARGADO.BIZ or contact the number that is posted on the kiosk. Our Customer service representative will respond within 24 hours.

Will my Cargado power bank work with my phone/device?

Cargado power banks work with:

  • ANY Apple iPhone*, iPad* or iPod

  • ANY phone or other portable device with a micro USB and USB Type C

How quickly will it recharge my phone?

Approximately 1% per minute (or 100% in about 80 minutes).

Can I recharge my Cargado power bank? How?

Yes. Each power bank comes with a cable that connects to any USB wall charger, USB car charger or computer USB port capable of charging. Our 8000 mAh model plugs directly into the wall to recharge.

Plug the micro USB cable into the in port of your power bank and the USB end into your computer or wall charger.

How many times can my power bank be recharged?

Roughly 500. After that, its capacity may dissipate over time.

How many charges would my device get from my Powerpod?

Exact number of charges depends on the device, its battery size, plus the functionality and use while charging.

Are the adapters and cables included with my power bank?

Each power bank comes with a short micro USB cable. Our 8000 mAh model plugs directly into the wall.

Can I use this on a plane?

Yes. If anyone objects, send them our way.